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Good News For First Home Buyers in Sydney

Posted by Glenn Turnbull on 07-Jun-2017 06:04:00

The NSW Government have made some pretty attractive exemptions for first home buyers that will be available as of July 1st 2017 in an effort to stimulate demand for this segment of the market.

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Design Advantages of in-house Sydney Architects

Posted by Sonya on 24-Jan-2017 06:30:00

You’d be surprised at the amount of builders lamenting how architects are oblivious to what really happens in practice on a building site.

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After the perfect new home? You can actually afford custom designed!

Posted by Glenn Turnbull on 21-Jan-2017 06:05:00

Have you always thought about your dream home but afraid it's not in the budget?

That was always the case with the project homes of the past. Today, many families are accessing a custom designed touch with a new home builder to create their perfect home. And, just like you, most of them had these 3 questions in mind about tailored building for which they needed answers.

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Do your sums and a knock down rebuild in Sydney is ideal

Posted by Glenn Turnbull on 19-Jan-2017 05:25:00

If you are wavering between renovating or doing a knock down rebuild, you probably feel as though you are between a rock and a hard place. In Sydney, that feeling is perfectly normal.

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Maximum Value: Duplex Homes Offer Instant Equity on Completion

Posted by Sonya on 12-Jan-2017 05:42:00

It makes logical sense that two houses on the one block will give you more equity power.

Therefore, a duplex construction makes the obvious sense. Why? Because of strata titling, on the same site two units combined have a greater value than a single house.

These are just a few of the equity gains that are likely:

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Narrow or Difficult Block? Capitalize on the Duplex Home Bonanza Now

Posted by Sonya on 05-Jan-2017 06:03:00

A Custom Designed Duplex Could Be Best For You

If you are the owner of a relatively thin or narrow block of land and are worried that your options of building something profitable are very limited, then think about the two major advantages of a duplex  home construction:

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Attack Your Mortgage Faster with Innovative Duplex Design

Posted by Sonya on 29-Dec-2016 05:05:00

You might be among the vast majority of Sydney home buyers who expects to take at least half a lifetime paying off a mortgage.

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Knock Down and Rebuild with a Duplex Home

Posted by Sonya on 22-Dec-2016 06:01:00

Right now, you might be one of the vast majority living in an area you love but in an old home you wish you could afford to knock down and rebuild.

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Financial Benefits of Buying a Duplex Home

Posted by Glenn Turnbull on 15-Dec-2016 05:55:00

While a lot of attention seems to be paid to those wanting their dream home, precious little advice is available to those more interested in finding a way of living in their ‘dream location’.

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Benefits of Building with a Specialist Duplex Builder in Sydney

Posted by Glenn Turnbull on 08-Dec-2016 05:56:00

You might be part of the vast majority who sees capital potential in building a new dwelling, but due to lack of experience in this sector, you find yourself unsure of many things.

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